Feliway Diffuser Refill, 48 ml

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Mimics the natural pheromone cats leave as a scent mark
Refill only
Lasts up to 4 weeks

The Secret to Contented Cats! The Feliway Refill plugs direct into your Diffuser (sold separately) can be left plugged in all the time, building up the pheromones in the room (up to 50-70m2), one vial lasting up to 4 weeks. Feliway mimics the natural pheromone that a Cat leaves as scent marks when they rub their faces against furniture and doorways to show they are somewhere they feel is safe and reassuring. Like the natural pheromone, Feliway encourages the Cat to come back home to rest and recuperate.Feliway can be used to reduce stress and its consequences, such as loss of appetite, reduced playfulness and lack of interaction. Feliway is also clinically proven to help problem behaviour in Cats such as indoor urine marking, destructive scratching and fear of travel. These signs of stress are often: when a new Cat, or another pet is introduced to the home when Cats with different personalities have to share the same home when Cats go somewhere stressful, like the Cattery or vets when Cats experience change, such as moving house or when owners are away on holiday when travelling by car, boat or plane when the home is more busy or noisy than the Cat cam cope with e.g. Christmas, during family visits etc
Mimics the natural pheromone cats leave as a scent mark
Refill only
Lasts up to 4 weeks

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